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A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year

The year-end season, with a myriad of activities welcoming the New Year 2024, is approaching. Have you had the chance to capture places check in Danang that are highly sought-after by the younger generation? Let's explore together with HAIAN Riverfront Hotel to find out which places are featured in this article!

I. Attractive places are not to be missed when check in Danang to welcome the New Year

1. Bach Dang Street

Bach Dang Street stands out as one of the captivating thoroughfares in Da Nang, stretching from Tran Thi Ly Bridge to the Han River Bridge. This route is consistently adorned with vibrant and aesthetically pleasing models.

Notably, during the festive seasons, especially as Tet approaches, it becomes a gathering place for trendy youth, all eager to explore the plethora of unique check in Danang spots along the way. Countless beautiful flowers will be decorated, adding a brilliant aesthetic to this enchanting avenue.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
Bach Dang Street is often sparklingly decorated at the beginning of the year

2. Dragon Bridge

The Dragon Bridge is now regarded as a unique symbol of Da Nang. Simulated from the image of a winding dragon, it has become a focal point in the city. Particularly, adorned with a brilliant LED lighting system at night, the Dragon Bridge captivates visitors from all around who come to appreciate and capture memorable moments when they check in Danang.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
Dragon Bridge - Unique symbol of Da Thanh

Furthermore, on weekends or major holidays, the Dragon Bridge hosts a mesmerizing fire-breathing event. This activity is extremely attractive, drawing tourists to check in Danang. Especially during the days leading up to the new year, you can witness panoramic displays of professional and spectacular fireworks from this vantage point. It serves as a "million-view" spot for concerts and countdown events taking place on both sides of the river.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
Admire the unique fireworks displays up close

3. Mikazuki Water Park 365

Boasting an array of entertaining activities and breathtaking scenic backdrops, Mikazuki water park is a famous check in Danang. However, it is important to note that this amusement park requires an entrance fee.

Situated on the Xuan Thieu Sea, just under 7 km from the city center of Da Nang, Mikazuki offers visitors the chance to experience the first Japanese-style indoor hot spring park in Vietnam. Mikazuki is a hub for unique activities, including the longest indoor water slide in Vietnam, the only rainbow-effect water slide in the country, and various other exceptional underwater games.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
The first Japanese style indoor hot water park in Vietnam
A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
Bathing in hot springs at Mikazuki

Mikazuki is also recognized as an entertainment venue with many picture-perfect corners imbued with Japanese style. This destination is particularly suitable for family outings or check in Da Nang with friends. In addition to the water park, Mikazuki integrates various facilities such as children's play areas, spa services, dining options, and more.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
Check in corner with Japanese style

II. HAIAN Riverfront Hotel - An ideal stopover to welcome the new year 2024

With its advantageous location along the banks of the Han River, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel stands as the perfect destination, promising to offer a delightful and convenient stay experience to welcome the New Year in Da Nang.

You can soak in the vibrant atmosphere of Da Nang during the year-end festivities. Additionally, you can easily explore various entertainment venues and discover intriguing check in Danang.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
A view overlooking the poetic Han River

Savor vibrant and spectacular fireworks displays from the 21st-floor view, which is a valuable perspective for you to feel the gentle charm of Da Nang's sky at any time of the day.

With its modern architectural style combined with the distinctive beehive-inspired building design, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel stands out as a unique focal point along Bach Dang Street. The harmonious blend of Da Nang's natural landscape and the contemporary warmth at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel promises to deliver an ideal stay experience during the year-end days.

A place to Check in Danang to welcome the New Year
The simple yet cozy beauty at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel

With the useful information provided, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel hopes you have discovered an interesting check in Danang. To make your journey more memorable and enjoyable, don't forget to visit HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, where you can enjoy the transitional charm of Da Nang's seasonal landscapes!



Location: 182 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Danang

Hotline: (+84) 236 3573 888

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