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Are you looking for a 4-star Dang Hotel for the upcoming Valentine's Day with your lover? Do you want this year's Valentine's Day February 14 to be more special than every year? So what do you think about enjoying Valentine's Day at the 4-star Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel with an "extremely chill view" overlooking the Han River? Join us to discover what's here worth experiencing for you and your lover!

I. Introduction to the 4-star Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel

1.1 HAIAN Riverfront Hotel is in a prime location in Da Nang city

The 4-star Danang hotel, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, is located on the west bank of the Han River, right on the major road of Bach Dang. It has a panoramic view of both the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, which are famous works and symbols of Da Nang city, as well as the noise and bustle of busy streets. The hotel's view of the lovely Han River is a distinctive highlight, allowing you and your companion to enjoy intimate, romantic moments while admiring the shimmering splendor of Danang at night.

1.2 HAIAN Riverfront Hotel has a romantic atmosphere and a unique architectural design

HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, a 4-star Danang hotel, offers a romantic setting complemented by an incredibly modern architectural design style, providing an extremely distinctive view of luxury and refinement.

The hotel's architecture is smart and modern, inspired by the image of a honeycomb, with solid, balanced features that contribute to the entire hotel's rich yet attractive appearance. The different portions. In addition, the hotel features an incredibly advanced and creatively organized LED lighting system. As a result of its unique and exquisite architecture, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel almost occupies the entire spotlight of the entire central area of Da Nang city.

4-star Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel with unique honeycomb architecture
Unique design of HAIAN Riverfront Hotel

II. What will one day experience at the 4-star Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel?

2.1 Infinity Swimming Pool

The HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, a 4-star Danang hotel, not only has a unique architectural appearance, but it also amazes with its high-end services straight inside. The Infinity Pool, located on the 20th level, has a huge design and provides a panoramic view of the city. It will be the perfect place for you and your lover to rest in the refreshing water while admiring the sky and the bustling, packed environment of Da Nang.

Infinity pool at 4-star Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel
Infinity pool with extremely "chill" view

2.2 Aroma Spa

Furthermore, Aroma Spa will be the perfect stop for you and your spouse to meet your beauty, relaxation, and recovery needs after a long and tiring day. Aroma Spa offers appealing full-body massage services using natural medicinal herbs to make you and your sweetheart exceedingly comfortable and pleasurable.

Enjoy relaxing spa services at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel's Aroma Spa
Relaxing space at Aroma Spa

Skybar NYX Lounge

After enough relaxation, it's time to unwind a little, right? The Nyx Lounge bar, located on the hotel's 21st level, will serve a choice of exceptionally rich and appealing drinks and cocktails in a setting with melodious music and a fancy LED lighting system, creating an extremely romantic atmosphere.

Sky Bar on the 21st floor of HAIAN Riverfront
Enjoy relaxing moments at Skybar NYX Lounge

Nothing beats immersing yourself and your loved one in these luxurious services in the stunning city of Da Nang. Surely, this will be a memorable Valentine's season for the two of you.

III. Suitable room categories for couples at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, the 4-star Danang hotel

3.1 Superior Double Room

This room category is for couples seeking seclusion and romance. This room class is remarkable in that it has two independent areas: the living room and the bedroom. The decor is incredibly modern and beautiful, with views of the romantic Han River, making it a great spot for you and your beloved to unwind and share tranquil moments.

Superior Double room class at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel
Superior Double room class


  • Area: 27m2 

  • Capacity: 2 persons.

  • Price: 1,600,000 VND per night (the aforementioned price is merely for reference, depending on the tourism season and utilities).

3.2 Deluxe Riverfront Balcony Room

The Deluxe Riverfront Balcony is one of the accommodation kinds that offers the most romantic view. The enormous bed with a rounded curve at the back, located in the center of the room, is the focal point of this area. What could be better for a romantic Valentine's Day excursion than to relax and enjoy this room class with your partner?

Deluxe Riverfront Balcony room class at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel
Deluxe Riverfront Balcony room class


  • Area: 27m2 

  • Capacity: 2 persons.

  • Price: 1,700,000 VND/night (the aforementioned price is merely for reference and depends on the tourist season and utilities)

3.3 Haian Suite Room Class

If you and your companion want a more spacious and airy environment, the Haian Suite is the ideal room type. This room class boasts an elegant and courteous design, with several huge windows from the bedroom to the living room and bathroom, all with views of the Han River.

Haian Suite room class at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel
Haian Suite room class


  • Area: 55m2

  • Capacity: 2 persons.

  • Price: 3,000,000 VND/night (the above price serves as an estimate and could differ depending on the tourism season and utility costs)

IV. Customer reviews about the 4-stars Danang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel 

The 4-star DaNang Hotel - HAIAN Riverfront Hotel is always proud to provide an intimate atmosphere and careful, dedicated service for couples visiting Danang City. Here are the experiences of couples having stayed at the hotel.

Nguyen Anh & Hong Ngoc (Hanoi):

"We chose the HAIAN Riverfront Hotel for our Valentine's Day celebration and couldn't have been happier. Spacious accommodations, amazing Han River views, and attentive therapy from the hotel staff made our stay memorable."

Phuong Trang & Thanh Cong (HCMC):

"This hotel is beautiful for a holiday in Da Nang. We relaxed in the Infinity Pool on the 20th level and had a romantic evening at the NYX Lounge. If you prefer an enchanting stay, the HAIAN Riverfront Hotel is a perfect choice."

Hoang Anh & Huyen Trang (Danang):

"Despite being locals, we decided on the HAIAN Riverfront Hotel for a wonderful weekend fall apart. This hotel is really nice, and the service is excellent. We spent a lovely night here, experiencing unforgettable pride."

Positive reviews from previous couples are proof of the quality and excellent service team at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel. Therefore, you and your lover can rest assured to enjoy a romantic and memorable Valentine's vacation here when traveling to Da Nang!

Contact Information


Address: 182 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Danang

Hotline: (+84) 236 3573 888


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