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The year-end gathering grants companies a chance to review the year's accomplishments and chart the course for the upcoming journey. As such, a detailed plan for this event is often a hot topic for many companies in the closing months of the year. Let HAIAN Riverfront Hotel show you the essential steps for organizing this year-end party in Da Nang!

I. Creating guest list

The very first critical step involves pinpointing the number of attendees, enabling organizers to sketch an overview and strategize subsequent actions for the year-end party in Danang. To honor every individual's contribution to the company's prosperity, the guest list should be comprehensive, including all company staff, managers,... Additionally, inviting familiar clients or key partners serves as a gesture of gratitude for their collaboration.

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
Making guest list is the very first step

II. Estimating cost for year-end party in Da Nang

Budgeting is paramount for any event. By conducting cost surveys for venues and necessary supplies, you can calculate the total event expenses, including venue costs and additional expenses, in a precise and practical way. Careful budgeting also prevents overspending or budget shortages, which could impact the preparation process. Especially, taking advantage of exclusive packages offered by HAIAN Riverfront Hotel is a smart way to optimize costs.

Outstanding advantages and utilities when booking a party at HAIAN Riverfront Hotel:

  • Complimentary 01 guest when booking 20 guests (with condition)

  • Complimentary Photo Booth or party hall decoration VND 600,000

  • Complimentary basic sound system & lighting package

  • Complimentary led screen up to VND 3,000,000

  • Varied menu from only VND 2xx,000/pax: Buffet, six-course set menu, canapes,...

  • Private and cozy banquet room for from 30 guests

  • Dragon bridge/luxury city view space

III. Choosing venue for year-end party in Da Nang

The event’s nature and the number of attendees are the two key factors that affect selecting the ideal venue for a year-end party in Da Nang. Additionally, a savvy choice considers the transportation infrastructure. HAIAN Riverfront Hotel stands out as the premier choice to organize a party in Da Nang, due to its advantageous location, convenient accessibility, and versatile spaces.

Situated at the bustling city’s center, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel serves as a nexus linking to several well-known locations like Bach Dang Street, Han Market, Helio Center, and more. Not only does this geographical position offer convenience to attendees but it also enhances the allure of your event.

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
The prime centric location of HAIAN Riverfront Hotel

With its flexibility in event location, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel is where you can confidently place your trust to host your gathering. Our indoor space on the third floor boasts a minimal yet fully-equipped design, ensuring an intimate ambiance for your event. If you prefer an open-air atmosphere with a cityscape view, our rooftop outdoor area is available. Whether it is a commemorative event, a lively live show, or an elegant dinner party, we can accommodate gatherings of up to 100 guests, ensuring a complete experience.

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
Simple indoor event space

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
Airy outdoor event space

IV. Designing event agenda

To ensure the success of the year-end party in Da Nang, crafting a program script remains a pivotal preparatory step. Even without a specific concept in mind, a well-prepared script is vital to guide the smooth sequence of activities.

If the program's timeline is incorporated with music performance, top-notch equipment is requisite to maintain a vibrant atmosphere. At HAIAN Riverfront Hotel, every event space is fully equipped with wireless Internet, projectors, LED screens, and a wireless microphone sound system. Our technical team meticulously oversees these aspects throughout to ensure your company enjoys a comprehensive and seamless event experience.

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
Modern event equiments

The banquet holds equal importance in the event's script, often seen as the essence of any occasion. Whether you choose from preset menu packages or tailor them to your preferences, we will ensure each delectable dish is served to you with utmost dedication. Here, guests can savor a diverse array of Asian-European cuisines, along with a variety of appetizers and buffet options crafted with the skill and passion of our kitchen team.

Year-end party in Danang - Detailed plan for companies
Diverse event cuisine

Chosen to accompany you in organizing the year-end party in Da Nang, HAIAN Riverfront Hotel ensures that every detail is delicately planned so that even after the party concludes, it lingers as a complete and fulfilling experience for all attendees!

Contact Information:


Địa chỉ: 182 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Danang

Hotline: (+84) 236 3573 888


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